Make any surface against water to your desire for long life, increased resistance to corrosion, maintaining the surface properties of your materials to its factory settings.

A super-hydrophobic coating is a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water. Water Droplets hitting this kind of coating can fully rebound due to the contact angle higher than 150O with super-hydrophobic surfaces.

The super-hydrophobic surface mechanism is called as lotus effect, as it is witnessed on the lotus leaf surface. That is an important characteristic of lotus leaf with super hydrophobicity, which can be attributed to the surface roughness and the wax-like crystals on the top. Water droplets roll down the lotus leaf surface at any smallest slope and avoid surface wetting. Use of nano-sized structures can increase the surface roughness of any normal surface.

Now, this type of lotus like surface can be created artificially by using our user-friendly sprayable coat on different types of surfaces like fabric, wood, metals, plastic etc.

Hydrophobic materials could help numerous industries to cut costs. Thousands of dollars are spent on aircraft de-icing, frozen power lines, pipe corrosion and fouling, bridge corrosion, and bio fouling.

We have developed a family of super hydrophobic coating both for consumer & industrial users, which completely repels water.

These coatings have important applications in maritime industry. They can reduce the frictional drag for the ship’s hull, thus increasing fuel efficiency and speed. Other applications include defence, aviation, electronics industries and so on.

These spray water repellent coatings are available for shoes, fabric, sofa sets, bags, cushions, normal household daily uses articles and more.

The sprayable coatings available with us are user friendly and very easy to use.

Just spray and let it dry, it will start showing effects

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