Antibacterial Masterbatch

Antibacterial Masterbatch

Antibacterial Masterbatch

Are you willing to improve your product’s shelf life or develop better processing conditions? Untreated plastic objects are vulnerable to attacks from fungus, bacteria and other harmful microbial organisms. This leads to bad odor, degradation and powdering of the polymers in the product. At Ishu International, we are involved in the manufacture, development and supply of high-quality Antibacterial Masterbatch which is extremely useful in protection from a wide range of bacteria, at household and hospitals. Polybooster Masterbatch is available in a variety of resins and different kinds of active ingredient loadings. It can be developed based on the required addition rate.

We, at Ishu International, can also manufacture additive blends based on your special requests according to your industry. Our technical experts can help you by creating goods that will have all the properties that you want.


Antibacterial Masterbatch helps enhance the antibacterial properties of the plastic products as plastic is easily susceptible to infestation by microbes and bacteria. The appearance of Masterbatch is usually white, sometimes black, and also available in colors. It can be added at any stage of manufacture. Antibacterial Masterbatch can be used in Agriculture industry in making films, and is regularly used in coated fabrics like tents and raincoats, foam, cushions, insulation and gaskets, toys, medical disposables like syringes, and household products like shower curtains.


Antibacterial Masterbatch has a wide range of advantages and applications. It can be used in indoor plastics which are used on a regular basis at home, such as in the kitchen and bathroom. It has several benefits in hospitals and can protect against attacks from bacteria, fungus, and microbes. A truly important benefit of Antibacterial Masterbatch is that it has a low environmental impact and is relatively safer to use. It helps maintain the freshness and cleanliness of the surroundings at home. A significant use of Antibacterial Masterbatch is that it can be used in a plethora of polymer systems such as PP, PVC, PE, Nylon, Polyurethanes, Polyester and Rubber. It has an important role in protecting consumer appliances, sports and recreation equipment, supplies for construction, interiors of transportation, films, and fibers in the textile industry, food processing, and machinery, and general household goods that need to be immune to bacterial or microbial attacks.

Overall, Antibacterial Masterbatch protects against bacterial and several types of fungal attacks ad is essential to improve the shelf life and quality of the products used every day in different industries.

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