The magic of Polymer Masterbatch

The magic of Polymer Masterbatch

We all know plastic, right? But how we can see so many multifarious plastics, have you been thought about it? Masterbatch is just the secret.

What’s the masterbatch?

In abstract terms, it’s a kind of additives encapsulated during a heat process into a carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into a granular shape. But there is another expression : color+master+ batch .Much easier to understand, right?

What’s magic does it have?

We all know the pigment is hard to storage and use for a long time. Because of the direct contact with the air, the moisture absorption, oxidation and knot formation can occur constantly which could influent the quality of plastic product. Besides, when you mix the pigment with the plastic, you blow the dust in the air which can decrease worker’s health.

On the contrary, masterbatch will help you figure out all these problems. Some benefits are given below:

  • It can be helpful to maintain the chemical stability and the pigment stability.
  • Make the pigment better dispersible in plastic.
  • Masterbatch is similar to resin particle in shape, so it’s more convenient to measure accurately. In addition, the mixed won’t stick on container which can clean the containers easily in that save the industrial cost.
  • The product is of simple production process and easy to use. No dust pollution which can protect worker’s health.

Why choose us?

We have different types of masterbatch at Nanocorps. For example, strengthen improvement masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, etc. Our company has perfect masterbatch performance test equipment and testing equipment, strict quality assurance system to ensure high-quality products.

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