Biomedical Waste Management

We are ready to play an important role by developing and acquiring appropriate technologies, tuning our priorities with the society and by providing a perennial eco-friendly solution to the bio-medical industry,relieving them to concentrate more on their primary aim. A perennial solution for the management of bio-medical waste with the most eco-friendly, economically affordable even to smallest bio-medical establishment. To work with highly flexible method for any change in quantity, quality of waste within simple adoptable managerial approach.

Highlights of the projects

  • Many years of dedicated hard work of the organisation.
  • Common facility is the only most eco-friendly, effective, economic solution and safe work environment.
  • Flexible and expandable workstation to match any quantity and quality of bio-medical waste.
  • The government policies and encouragement is the most important factor for the financial viability, cost of service, protection of environment, industrial development and generation of employment for the social cause.
  • The continuous process of improvement through R&D and value addition.