Aluminium Nitride Nanoparticles (Hexagonal)(AlN), ~100 nm, >99%

“In coatings, plastics, and wire to improve the thermal conductivity of plastic
For manufacturing integrated circuit board, optical devices, radiator, electronic devices and high temperature crucible
Fabrication of metal matrix and polymer matrix composites, especially in the heat seal adhesives and electronic packaging materials
In high thermally conductive ceramics and composite ceramics such as evaporation boats and heat sinks
Electrically insulating packages for electronics
Crucibles for metals and salt melts
In aerospace to improve thermomechanical properties
Thermally conductive filler for polymers
Components for wafer processing
To improve the performance of epoxy resin
As a kind of reinforcing agent
As heat conductive material”

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Additional information

CAS Number


Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight

40.9882 g/mol

Average particle size

~100 nm




Off-White Powder

Bulk density

0.12 g/cm3