AZO in Water (AZO), ~100 nm, >99%, 20 wt%

Transparent conductive anti-static coating; As a conductive film liquid on crystal display (LCD); Touch-type display; CRT anti-radiation (EMI, RMI) protection of high-transmittance microscope; Energy conservation and the protection of privacy with the switch-mode transmittance glass (Switch Glazing); Buildings & automotive windows; Sensor; Anti-reflective film; As antifogging and heating panels in boreal regions; As conductive film for optoelectronic components; As electrode for organic light-emitting diodes.

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Additional information

CAS Number

"1344-28-1/1314- 13-2"

Empirical Formula

ZnO , Al2O3

Average particle size

~100 nm






White liquid

Extra specifications

20 wt%