Lanthanum Oxide Nanoparticles (La2O3), 50 nm, >99%

“As a magnetic Nanoparticles for magnetic data storage and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
In biosensors
For phosphate removal in bio medical and water treatment (even for swimming pools and spas) applications
In laser crystals and optics
In nanowires, nanofibers, and in specific alloy and catalyst applications
In piezoelectric materials to increase product piezoelectric coefficients and improve product energy conversion efficiency
For the manufacture of high-refraction optical fibers, precision optical glasses, and other alloy materials
In preparation of several perovskite nanostructures like lanthanum manganite and lanthanum chromite, for the cathode layer of solid Oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
For the preparation of organic chemical products catalysts, and in automobile exhaust catalysts
To improve the burning rate of propellants
In light-converting agricultural films
In electrode materials and in light-emitting material (blue powder), hydrogen storage materials, and laser materials”

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Additional information

CAS Number


Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight

325.81 g/mol

Average particle size

50 nm,




White Powder

Bulk density

~0.4 g/cm3