Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles (NiO), ~100 nm, >99%

“In preparation of nickel cermet for the anode layer of solid Oxide fuel cells
In lithium nickel Oxide cathodes for lithium ion microbatteries
In electrochromic coatings, plastics and textiles
In nanowires, nanofibers and specific alloy and catalyst applications
As a catalyst and as anti-ferromagnetic layers
In light weight structural components in aerospace
Adhesive and coloring agents for enamels
In active optical filters
In ceramic structures
In automotive rear-view mirrors with adjustable reflectance
In cathode materials for alkaline batteries
Electro chromic materials
Energy efficient smart windows
P-type transparent conductive films
Materials for gas or temperature sensors, such as CO sensor, H2 sensor, and formaldehyde sensors
As a counter electrodes”

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Additional information

CAS Number


Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight

74.6928 g/mol

Average particle size

~100 nm




Green Powder

Bulk density

6.67 g/cm³