Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3), ~50 nm, >99%

“In the field of materials science these particles find a number of applications such as imparting colour to the television picture tubes. Also used in making of plasma and flat panel displays.
Yttrium iron garnets which are derived from yttrium Oxide are used as powerful microwave filters.
Yttrium Oxide is a vital starting point in inorganic synthesis of compounds.
The property of red light emission is used in making fluorescent lamps.
They are also used as additives in the coatings used in high-temperature applications, paints and plastics for guarding against UV degradation and also in making permanent magnets.
In ultrafast sensors that are used in g-ray and x-rays.
Some of the other applications include additives in steel, non-ferrous alloys and iron.”

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Additional information

CAS Number


Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight

225.81 g/mol

Average particle size

~50 nm




White Powder


Nearly spherical

Bulk density

0.33 g/cm3