Transition From Macro to Micro to Nanotechnology

Ishu international is a premier nanotechnology research centre which manufactures all types of nano-structures materials and provide technical consultancy. Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for nanotechnology research, product development and commercialization. Thus, together with researchers across the world, we create a conductive platform for growth and partnering in era of nano-revolution by providing the best quality tested nanomaterials and technologies available to our customers.

We offer a broad range of products like metal nanoparticles, metal oxides nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes and graphene. We also provide affordable, high quality Graphene and carbon nanotubes from grams to bulks quantities. We offer services like contract research and development, technical consultancy and training.  We do contract research and development relating to nanotechnology and other fields of sciences.

Our research and development laboratories along with other collaborative partners provide solutions related to customized product development and trainings to customers.