Antimony Tin Oxide Nanoparticles (ATO) (Sb2O3:SnO2), ~50 nm, >99%

“1. Ato can be used in LCD, LED and ECD. 2. ATO for Transparent electrode and solar battery. 3. ATO can shield heat when it is used in hot mirror, building or glass curtain wall. 4. ATO can be used in the glass of car, train and plane to protection against fog and frost. 5. Due to the decline of the microwave, ATO can be used in computer room and radar shielding and protecting area where needs to shield electromagnetic wave.

Additional information

CAS Number

"1309-64-4/ 18282- 10-5"

Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight


Average particle size

~50 nm,




Light Blue Powder

Bulk density

0.95 g/cm3