Boron Nitride (Hexagonal) (BN), 3~4 um, >99%

“In subsurface investigation, oil drilling and high-speed cutting tools
As a metal forming and metal drawing lubricant release agent
In transistors and as plastic resin sealing desiccant polymer additives
Pressed into various shapes and can be used as high temperature, high voltage, insulation, cooling components
As a special high-temperature electrolysis state, resistor material
In the aerospace industry, for use in heat shielding material
As a catalyst for high temperature, high pressure treatment
Mold release for die casting and injection molding
Thermally conductive filler for polymers
Composite ceramics
Starting material for hot-pressed BN parts
For high-voltage high frequency electricity, plasma arc's insulators, high-frequency induction furnace materials, semi-conducting solid phase admixtures, atom reactor's structure materials, automatic welding high-temperature coating, preventing neutron radiation's packing materials, radar antenna's mediums, radar's pass box, and rocket engine's components
As high-temperature lubricants
Mold pressing boron nitride can be used in making high-temperature crucible and other products.”

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Additional information

CAS Number


Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight

25.01238 g/mol

Average particle size

3~4 um




White Powder



Bulk density

2.29 g/mL